Longhair Distribution Ltd. will provide your screen, embrodery, imprint shop or brand with services like design and media consultations, as well as forecasts on the latest trends and designs in the imprint and action sport market. We will provide you with all the tools and services necessary for a better and more effective apparel program for you and your clients.


From innovation in design and printing to execution and from the identification of consumer needs to the evaluation of marketing effectiveness, our research services meet a wide range of requirements:

  • Market and Consumers Attitudes – to help you understand what consumers are buying and looking for.
  • Marketing – to help you prove and increase the effectiveness of your clothing as a marketing or promotional tools


  • Brand Perception – to help you understand how consumers perceive your brand and your competitors
  • Clothing Category Analysis – a combination of analysis services and garments to give you an overview and perspective to your strategy

Our services can be customized to meet your immediate and ongoing needs.


  • Market Innovation – to help identify the insights that will help you innovate to spontaneous market demand
  • Future Planner – provides you with the future trends and information, as well as designs, graphics and strategies for smarter future planning, and contibuation of existing programs with the expected success.